Natural Toothache Remedies and Tooth Extractions

Posted: September 6, 2019

Not many people are aware of the fact that many types of herbs can be used in the relief of toothache pain.  Natural herbs such as cloves, calendula, yarrow and tarragon can be used to help relieve the pain until you can get to the dentist.  For many years, different cultures have counted on herbs to help get the pain of a toothache control and get temporary relief.

Yarrow is typically found in Asia, Europe, and North America.  It normally grows wild in meadows, fields, and in open wood lands. Yarrow is an herb that has been known to treat the common cold, and fevers. The root of yarrow is what contains the anesthetic effect.  If you apply the fresh root of yarrow to your tooth or gums, it can help to stop the pain, some people chew the fresh leaves, as well, to relieve toothaches. This is a solution you may try until you can get an appointment with the dentist and get it taken care of.

The herb known as clove is an evergreen tree, native to tropical areas.  These days, clove it can be found throughout the world.  Many are familiar with clove, but never knew of their medicinal properties. The oil from clove, is what usually helps aches and pains, and when used on a toothache, it can help relieve your aches, some say almost immediately.

For many years, natural herbs have been used to stop toothache pain.  Hundreds of years ago, before the field of dentistry and dentists herbs were the only way to stop the pain.

Throughout the course of time, herbs have proven to be very effective with stopping toothache pain.  If you are interested in herbs or have any questions about them, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask your dentist their opinion.  Your dentist may have an herbal recommendation for you, should you request them.  The next time you experience the pain of a toothache – you should always remember that herbs are a great way to relieve the pain. Also, it’s important to reach out to your dentist to find out if the pain persists to find out if tooth extraction is your next option.

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