Maintain Your Dental Implants With Regular Cleanings

Posted: August 3, 2018

Patients can expect their dental implants to last a lifetime, and these restorations have a success rate over 95 percent. However, without proper maintenance, they may fail earlier than expected. People can develop peri-implantitis, which is an inflammatory process that destroys the hard and soft tissues around the site of the implant. Our dentist in Sarasota, FL will provide detailed instructions for how to care for implants, and here are a few tips to get people started.

See Our Dentist Regularly

Many people make the mistake of seeing our dentist only when something is wrong. However, people should schedule appointments once every six months. This is true even after receiving an implant. With these check-ups, patients can enjoy a more thorough dental cleaning. Dr. Richard A. Stanley will also look for symptoms of dental implant failure and recommend the proper action before the situation gets worse.

Use Floss Along With Antimicrobial Mouth Rinses

Patients should continue to floss at least once a day. In the event the implant is located in a hard-to-reach area, then the patient should also try rinsing his or her mouth out with an antimicrobial mouthwash. This is particularly beneficial if the patient is prone to inflammation.

Use an Oral Irrigator

Brushing teeth twice a day is highly beneficial, but patients should also consider investing in an oral irrigator or water flosser. It is ideal to use an irrigator that does not have a metal tip to remove biofilm and plaque.

Get the Implants You Need at Our Office

Any patient who requires dental implants should call Dr. Stanley’s office right away. We will provide you with a first-class restoration that will prevent your oral health from further deteriorating, and we will help guide your dental health for years to come. Take care of your smile, and you will feel confident to smile wide for years to come!

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