How Much Does a Root Canal Hurt?

Posted: July 30, 2019

Often times, perception is slow to catch up with reality. In the case of root canal therapy, this is especially true. Modern medicine has almost made the root canal a completely painless procedure. But the pain associated with dental procedures of yesteryear has been so heavily ingrained in our society, that too many people still avoid getting the dental care they need because they fear pain. So let’s take a closer look at root canal therapy, find out why there’s nothing to fear and learn what you can do if the thought of the procedure still gives you anxiety.

What Actually Happens During a Root Canal

Root canal therapy saves a tooth by removing decayed areas of the nerve-filled pulp at the center of the tooth and then filling it to preserve the healthy pulp. To do this, your dentist will need to access the pulp through the cavity that exposed the pulp to the bacterial infection in the first. Your dentist will use a drill to get direct access to the pulp and will then clear out the decayed tissue.

With the decayed tissue removed, your dentist will add a filling to replace the removed tissue and to preserve the healthy pulp. Your dentist will then seal the hole.

Why Root Canals are Painful

Though your dentist will be working in a nervy area, you won’t feel any nerve pain because you’ll be given a dose of a local anesthetic. The anesthetic will completely numb the worksite and the pain relief will last well past the end of your procedure, though you’ll need to take a simple painkiller every six to eight hours, for a day or two, to keep the swelling and tenderness down.

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