You Aren't Brushing Your Teeth Properly

Posted: July 31, 2023

Teeth Brushing Brushing your teeth is probably the start of your morning and, by this point in your life, as part of your routine as breathing or eating. With this much experience, surely you know what you’ve been doing, right? Chances are, no. In fact, most people, though they brush their teeth, do an inadequate job that, at worst, can lead to significant oral health issues, and, at best, isn’t protecting the integrity and strength of their teeth. This may not mean much in the short term, but as we age and our teeth are worn down naturally, the effect of poor teeth brushing can accumulate into something more. Taking care of your oral health is something we all know is incredibly important and if you haven’t been brushing your teeth properly or know that you go into an autopilot when it comes to your oral hygiene routine, then keep reading to learn what you can do! 

Have You Checked Your Toothbrush Recently?

Is your toothbrush a matted mess? Something that looks like a brush used on horse manes rather than your teeth? Experts recommend replacing your toothbrush every few months, or when the bristles begin to become frayed and worn. If you’re a vigorous brusher that may mean that your toothbrush won’t last a few months. Another thing to note when it comes to toothbrushes is that you should be using soft-bristled toothbrushes. Brushes with hard bristles may even damage your mouth, from gums to enamel. Also, natural bristles should also not be used as they can retain harmful bacteria. 

Are You Using The Correct Brushing Technique?

Brushing your teeth shouldn’t be a race to see if you can set the world record for fastest brushing. The proper technique for brushing your teeth is: Small circular motions rather than moving harshly across the teeth, cleaning not just the front of your teeth, but also the sides and behind the teeth as well, and also you should brush your tongue as well! Remember, the goal with brushing is to remove bacteria that can stay, accumulate, and create risks to your oral health. 

Make Sure To Visit A Dentist

An integral part of any oral health routine is to regularly visit your dentist. If you’re looking for one, and are located near the Sarasota, Florida area, then give The Smile Centre a call today at 941-351-4468!


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