Family Dentistry: Baby Teeth Cavities

Posted: September 6, 2019
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Baby teeth cavities are a very common occurrence for many young children. Also, unfortunately baby teeth cavities can end up costing a decent amount of money even though these teeth will eventually fall out to make room for permanent teeth. When it comes to preventing the development of baby teeth cavities there are a few steps for parents to take. Bacteria are the main cause of baby teeth cavities, and with this being said working to deter the growth of bacteria in a child’s mouth would be very beneficial.

It’s no secret that most children love sugar or have what is referred to as a sweet tooth. Unfortunately, bacteria grow when sugar is introduced into a child’s mouth especially if they continuously eat sugar filled foods. Parents should monitor exactly how much sugar their children are consuming to help alleviate the chance for developing baby teeth cavities. Also, it should be noted that excess sugar in the long run is not healthy for the child, and it can eventually lead to other health issues in the future.

When it comes to preventative measures to take against baby teeth cavities it is also important to be sure that you are making sure your child’s teeth are cleaned after each meal. Also, it should be noted that breast milk contains chemicals that can help fight cavities, but on the other hand baby formula does not contain these chemicals. With this being said, it’s important to wipe or brush your child’s teeth at night, and while children like to brush themselves you can follow up to ensure a proper cleaning.

Inspecting your children’s teeth on a daily basis will help with the early detection of any kind of issues especially cavities. Practicing good oral hygiene habits with your children will in the long run help them in terms of preventing baby teeth cavities. Having them brush at least two times a day would help with the prevention of forming baby teeth cavities. As mentioned above monitor the amount of junk food eaten because bacteria thrive when sugar is introduced into a child’s mouth which leads to cavities. When it comes to preventing baby teeth cavities making an appointment with a dentist who practices family dentistry is the best option.

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