General Dentistry

Posted: April 30, 2024
April marks Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so we would like to dedicate a post to helping you better understand oral cancer prevention. Each year, oral cancer affects over 50,000 people in America. The disease is responsive to treatment in its early stages, which makes regular screenings during… Read Full Post
Posted: October 31, 2023
October is here, and while many are planning costumes and decorations, it's also a good time to think about the health of your teeth.  Candy is an inextricable part of Halloween, but the increase in sugary treats can accelerate tooth decay and cavities. Yet you don't have to feel haunted by the… Read Full Post
Posted: July 31, 2023
Brushing your teeth is probably the start of your morning and, by this point in your life, as part of your routine as breathing or eating. With this much experience, surely you know what you’ve been doing, right? Chances are, no. In fact, most people, though they brush their teeth, do an inadequate… Read Full Post
Posted: April 15, 2023
Everyone experiences acute stress from time to time. Generally speaking, this can result in temporary discomfort but poses no serious health risks. However, ongoing and long-term stress is different. Impacting the body systemically, sustained stress increases the chances of heart attack and stroke… Read Full Post
Posted: November 15, 2022
One in ten Americans, nearly 37.5 million people, have diabetes. Frighteningly, one in five of these cases is in people unaware they are suffering from the condition. From both a systemic and oral health perspective, this is very problematic. The American Diabetes Association reports that 1.4… Read Full Post
Posted: September 08, 2022
It’s good to brush your teeth after every meal. Brushing your teeth after every meal and snack is better. But, should you brush your teeth right after eating? And if not, just how long should you wait? Immediately after eating, tooth enamel may be softened. Brushing your teeth right away can cause… Read Full Post
Posted: August 17, 2022
Orthodontic treatment is necessary to correct bite irregularities that impact your smile's strength, function, and appearance. With this treatment, issues such as crooked tooth presentation, large spaces between teeth, overbite, cross-bite, and more can be corrected, producing a straight and… Read Full Post
Posted: July 07, 2022
July is National Ice Cream Month and there are some great options, both from national chains and local favorites, in and around Sarasota. Just remember, if you plan on enjoying an icy treat this month, be sure to take steps to protect your teeth from the harm that can follow. Dairy products can be… Read Full Post
Posted: June 23, 2022
Gums that bleed easily, such as when you brush your teeth or eat crunchy foods, are showing symptoms of gingivitis, a mild form of gum disease. In its beginning stages, gingivitis may respond well to an enhanced at-home routine. This includes: Using a soft-bristled toothbrush and nonabrasive… Read Full Post
Posted: May 04, 2022
May is National Dental Care Month, a time to rethink your at-home routine and re-commit to professional dental care. If it has been longer than six months since your last dental visit, get in touch today to schedule an appointment and let us help you maintain peak oral health and beauty. Daily… Read Full Post