4 Signs You May Need Dental Bridges

Posted: June 15, 2021

A middle age Black woman wearing a black long sleeve shirt with styled hair leans back and smiles at the cameraIf you need to replace more than one tooth, you are probably wondering if you need a dental bridge rather than implants. While implants tend to be longer lasting, they are not ideal for everyone, especially those who are at an increased risk of infection or implant failure. As an alternative, a dental bridge can replace multiple teeth at once while keeping the risk of complications at a minimum. Here are four signs that a dental bridge may be a better option for you than implants.

You Smoke or Chew Tobacco

Those who smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco are more likely to have dental implants fail than other patients. This is because nicotine can limit blood supply to the gum tissue, which delays healing. As a result, the incision made in the gums to place the implant is more likely to bleed or heal improperly.

You Have Diabetes

Patients who have diabetes are also more likely to have an implant failure due to slow wound healing. Along with excessive bleeding, slow healing can increase the risk of infection in diabetics. Since placing a dental bridge does not require any surgical wounds, it is a much safer option.

You Have Gum Disease

If you have periodontal disease, we encourage you to contact our dentists. For any tooth replacement option, it’s important to have strong, healthy gums that can support the restoration. We will help you achieve optimal gum health so that you can choose a tooth replacement that works well for your goals. Once we’ve re-established gum health, we can determine whether a bridge or implant will be better for your overall dental health.

You Use Medications for Heartburn, Osteoporosis, or Depression/Anxiety

Certain medications are known to increase the chance of implant failure in patients, mainly selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), and bisphosphonate. While it is possible for some patients to get an implant if they take these medications, a dental bridge will carry less risk.

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