When is Bruxism a Problem?

Posted: November 15, 2021

Woman grinding teeth while sleeping

Bruxism, more commonly known as jaw clenching or teeth grinding, is a fairly common condition. Particularly when under stress, clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth is a natural reaction for many people and, by and large, it’s not terribly concerning. However, when the issue becomes persistent or begins to occur while you are sleeping, it is important to discuss your options with one of our experienced and caring dentists.

Problems Associated with Bruxism

While occasional teeth clenching is often of little concern, when the behavior becomes common, serious oral health issues can follow. Bruxism can result in tooth fracture, chips, and cracks, all of which can increase the risk of severe decay and infection. Frequent teeth grinding can also result in uneven tooth wear and impact the strength and tension of the bite, result in loose teeth, and even accelerate gum recession. All of these things may eventually lead to tooth loss, creating both cosmetic and functional concerns.

Of equal concern, bruxism is a leading cause of TMJ, a condition marked by pain and swelling in the jaw, noises while biting and chewing, frequent headaches, and generalized facial pain. To help prevent this and similarly serious problems, it is a good idea to have bruxism treated as soon as it becomes an issue, even if that requires giving us a call to schedule an examination in between your routine visits.

Simple Solutions

One of the most common treatments for bruxism is an occlusal guard that can be worn while you sleep and, as needed, during the day. These guards are custom-fitted to your smile to help ensure absolute comfort and, much like Invisalign®, are clear and visually unobtrusive.

If issues have already arisen due to your teeth clenching, additional treatments, including dental fillings or dental crowns, may be needed before you are fitted for your guard to help ensure the most benefit. We will discuss all recommended treatment options during your bruxism evaluation to help ensure your smile is protected and your teeth and gums remain healthy for years to come.

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