Facial Aesthetics

Posted: January 15, 2023
There are two types of facial wrinkles: static, such as creases on the cheeks and around the mouth that are always present, and dynamic, such as frown lines, lip wrinkles, and crow’s feet. And while both types of wrinkles can produce a more aged and tired appearance, they will not respond similarly… Read Full Post
Posted: November 30, 2022
Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? Are there issues, however minor, that make you feel self-conscious or cause you to hide your smile behind tightly closed lips? As we approach the Holiday Season, discomfort with your smile can be exacerbated through increased time with friends,… Read Full Post
Posted: August 08, 2022
Your smile is comprised of your lips, teeth, and gums, of course. But the appearance of your smile is impacted by all surrounding features. Improving your smile may, therefore, require both dental and non-dental techniques. With age comes a loss of volume. This can result in wrinkles and lines… Read Full Post
Posted: April 19, 2022
Missing teeth may seem like an aesthetic problem alone. Indeed, depending on their location, missing teeth can have a negative impact on the overall appearance of the smile. This is, however, not the most pressing concern when one or more teeth are missing. Even a single missing tooth can allow… Read Full Post
Posted: March 23, 2019
Residents of Venice, Florida do not have to go very far for a first-class BOTOX procedure. The injections are offered right here at The Smile Centre. In as little as 15 minutes, we can drastically improve the aesthetics of your face and smile. You will feel a lot more comfortable in your skin after… Read Full Post