Can a Root Canal Prevent a Tooth Extraction?

Posted: February 15, 2023

Tooth extraction may be necessary when a tooth has been damaged. Sometimes, this is due to advanced decay or infection. However, it may also be related to trauma, such as broken teeth, or advanced stages of gum disease.

Typically a last resort, tooth extraction can restore comfort and health to your smile, but this comes with the cost of a missing tooth, leaving many to wonder if there is an alternative to professionally removing teeth.

Older man with tooth pain

Can a root canal reduce the need for a tooth extraction? That depends. If the issue is an infected tooth, a root canal is the best way to avoid tooth extraction. A root canal may not be the best fit if the problem is something else. However, other options may allow you to keep your natural tooth while still protecting and perfecting your smile.

Protect or Remove?

Sometimes, a tooth damaged through trauma or advanced decay can be covered with a dental crown. This serves several purposes, not the least of which is preventing further damage. Dental crowns are carefully shaped and shaded to look like surrounding teeth and offer complete restoration of functionality.

When a tooth cannot be preserved through a root canal or another advanced treatment and an extraction is needed, it is essential to replace the tooth to prevent adjacent tooth slippage. A dental bridge is one of the most economical and least invasive methods of tooth replacement. A bridge is affixed to adjacent teeth, restoring function and aesthetics, and preventing neighboring teeth from slipping out of place. A bridge cannot, however, prevent jaw shrinkage.

The roots of your teeth are responsible for sending signals to the body that bone is needed in the jaw. When they are gone, the jaw will eventually change shape and size. The only ways to prevent this are not having your teeth extracted or replacing extracted teeth with a dental implant. Unlike other tooth replacement options, dental implants replace missing tooth roots, offering the longest-lasting, most stable and most reliable choice for tooth replacement.

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