What To Do if a Dental Crown Falls Off

Posted: March 31, 2024

Dental crowndental crown protects a compromised tooth, while also restoring its cosmetic function. They're often used after extensive tooth decay, injury, or as part of an overall strategy for improving dental health. Crowns typically last at least 15 years, but they can fall out sooner due to accident or injury. This post discusses what to do if your crown falls out before it's replaced.

Why Would My Crown Fall Out?

Decay of the underlying tooth is probably the most common reason for a crown to fall out, followed by an injury. In some cases, the crown might not fit properly or lack the cement needed to hold it in place, causing it to fall out before it should. Habits like teeth grinding and eating sticky foods can also reduce a crown's life span.

What Should I Do If My Dental Crown Falls Out?

Schedule an emergency appointment as soon as possible after you lose a crown. It may be possible to reattach it if it's undamaged, so keep the crown if possible. In the meantime, avoid chewy, hard or sticky foods, which can be hard on your exposed tooth. You should also avoid chewing on the side of your mouth where the crown was. In addition, you should use care to brush around the affected tooth.

How Does My Dentist Repair My Lost Crown?

Your dentist will first inspect the tooth and crown to see if the crown can simply be placed back on your tooth. This is often possible if the only problem is that the cement failed or the crown fits poorly, which may require your dentist to file the tooth or build it up. If the crown is missing or damaged, a new crown will need to be made. You'll also need a new crown if your dentist has to remove any decay from the tooth.

How We Can Help

The Smile Centre is in the business of helping you love your smile. If you lose a crown or experience any other dental issue, our team is always here to hep. Explore your options for replacing a lost crown by contacting us online or calling 941-351-4468.

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