Tricia, Practice Manager of Operations (Sarasota)

Tricia, Practice Manager of Operations

Tricia is from Newton Falls, Ohio. She is the brains and beauty behind The Smile Centre joining the team in 2002. She earned her BA degree in Biological Sciences at Rice University. Tricia’s tireless work ethic, enthusiasm, and passion keeps the practice fun and successful. She oversees the managing of day-to-day operations in all of the practice’s departments. With nearly 30 years experience in the dental field, Tricia is passionate about ALL aspects of dentistry. She is dedicated to providing gentle, honest care and educating our guests to help them achieve their dental goals and dreams. She is motivated to continue to share and grow on a personal and professional level with our team. The excitement and challenges of staying up with all the new advances and technology keeps the thriving nature to succeed and grow our practice. When she is not growing our practice, Tricia enjoys traveling the world with her husband, Dr. Stanley. She likes riding motorcycles, spending time with her family and pets, and visiting with her daughter and son-in-law, Jordan and Tim!