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Tooth Extractions

Gentle Extraction of Problem Teeth

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Tooth Extraction is a Common Occurrence

Tooth loss is more common than many people think, with over 178 million Americans missing at least one tooth. While tooth loss can occur due to accidents or trauma, extraction of teeth by a dental professional is also common when a tooth is causing more problems than good. We will always do everything possible to save your natural teeth, but sometimes damage, decay or problem teeth will need to be removed to keep your oral structure healthy. We recommend replacing extracted teeth with dental implants to restore proper oral function and form to your mouth. Our tooth extractions are gentle, routine procedures that are performed in-house by our experienced team.

Common Reasons for Tooth Removal

If an accident has occurred and your teeth are damaged beyond repair, we will likely need to extract the teeth to prevent more damage and stop pain. Many times, after oral trauma, patients experience relief from pain after their damaged teeth are removed. Those who suffer from advanced gum (periodontal) disease often experience decay to their tooth structure. When this decay becomes too severe, the structure of the tooth becomes weakened and often causes pain and infection, which may spread to surrounding teeth or other parts of the body. When gum disease has progressed this far, extraction of diseased and decayed teeth is necessary for your health and surrounding teeth.

For some children, their baby teeth do not fall out on their own, which can cause complications for the permanent teeth that are growing in. We can gently extract these retained baby teeth to allow for proper growth of permanent teeth and save your child from future complications or pain. Children and adults seeking orthodontics may need to have some teeth extracted before treatment can begin if they have overly crowded teeth. This allows for proper alignment of the teeth by creating more space for movements to occur. Similarly, adults seeking dental implants or dentures will need to have teeth extracted to make the necessary required space.

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Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth are a common concern for many patients as you can grow anywhere from zero to four additional teeth in the back of your mouth. Many times, these wisdom teeth do not have the proper space needed to erupt and can become impacted or cause damage to other teeth. Impacted teeth can cause severe pain, making it difficult to eat, or cause headaches or jaw pain; they can also become infected. We can surgically extract these teeth to relieve you of pain and prevent crowding of your surrounding teeth.

Extraction with Patient Comfort in Mind

Our team of doctors and staff focus on patient comfort and can give you a gentle tooth extraction experience. Extraction is a routine procedure for us, and our doctors have experience with even the most complicated of cases. Thanks to our use of advanced sedation techniques, tooth extraction is relatively painless with many patients stating they just feel a slight pressure. After extraction, you will feel a relief from tooth pain and be able to prepare for dental implant placement.

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