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Professional Teeth Whitening to Enhance Your Smile

When tooth enamel becomes stained or discolored, it can negatively impact how your smile appears to others and hurt your own self-confidence. We offer professional teeth whitening options to restore your smile to its natural beauty. Professional whitening offers quicker and more effective treatment, with 82 percent of people who received in-office whitening seeing a considerable improvement to their smile. * Our professional whitening options include in-office Power Whitening and take-home kits from the KöR® Deep Bleaching System. When you choose whitening from The Smile Centre, you can rest assured that you will see noticeable results in a timelier manner than over-the-counter options.

Whitening Options

Timely In-Office Power Whitening Treatment

Those seeking a quick teeth whitening option may benefit from our in-office Power Whitening. In-office whitening is generally the most effective and timely option, able to enhance your smile by whitening teeth several shades in one sitting. Power Whitening uses a bleaching gel that covers your teeth and eats away at the discoloration and stains. In just under an hour, your teeth will be brightened by several shades without the need of a lamp or dental laser. This option is ideal for those who have a big event coming up. like a wedding or job interview. and they want to look their best. Power Whitening offers many benefits:

  • One short visit
  • Comfortable treatment
  • Same-day results
  • Long-lasting whitening

Take-Home Whitening Customized To You

Our KöR take-home whitening kits are ideal for patients who want to whiten their teeth in the convenience of their own home. Unlike over-the-counter whitening strips, our professional KöR system can whiten teeth quicker and in a more predictable manner. This is done by creating a customized whitening tray specific to your mouth and teeth along with powerful bleaching gel to eliminate stains. The customized tray matches your bite for a more even and effective distribution of whitening gel as well as preventing irritation to the gums. The benefits to KöR whitening include:

  • Customized to your mouth
  • Effective and predictable whitening
  • Minimal irritation to gums
  • Minimal tooth sensitivity

Add Teeth Whitening to Your Treatment Plan

Professionally whitening your teeth is a simple and quick way to give yourself a smile makeover or to add on to a completed dental treatment for an enhanced final result. Many patients who receive orthodontics, including Invisalign®, choose teeth whitening after their treatment is complete. This allows them to enjoy their new straight smile with brilliant white teeth too. Our doctors are experienced at treating discolored and stained teeth with teeth whitening solutions.

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