Seniors and Oral Health

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If you're a senior who lives in or near Sarasota or Venice, the dentists at The Smile Centre can help you achieve great oral health.Aging affects nearly every part of the human body, and our mouths are no exception. Many of the ways that our oral health changes with age are unavoidable, but they can be treated effectively with both cosmetic dentistry techniques and great general dentistry care.

If you're a senior who lives in or near Sarasota or Venice, Florida, the specially-trained dentists at The Smile Centre can help you attain the high level or oral health that will keep your smile looking its best for a lifetime. Please contact us online or by telephone at (941) 351-4468 in Sarasota or (941) 497-5451 in Venice area to schedule your consultation.

Common Oral Health Issues Faced by Seniors

While dentures were once considered a universal treatment for replacing teeth lost to age and poor oral health, today more seniors than ever make use of various cosmetic dentistry options to keep their healthy natural teeth into their later years.

As we age, there are several common oral health concerns. These conditions can range from minor annoyances to serious dental health problems. Fortunately, each of them can be treated effectively and safely.

Some common oral health issues faced by seniors include:

  • Dry Mouth:  Also known by the technical term xerostomia, this common condition can be the result of medications or simply decreased saliva production due to age. Unfortunately, dry mouth can lead to other serious oral health issues in addition to discomfort, including periodontal disease, bone loss, tooth decay, and bad breath.
  • Periodontal Disease:  Gum disease is a common condition for people of all ages, and can often sneak up on you. In the early stages, you may not realize you are developing a problem. Over time, it can develop into a painful condition that can lead to bone loss and missing teeth as well as difficulty eating and chewing. Catching gum disease in its early stages makes treatment far easier and more effective.
  • Tooth Decay and Cavities:  It is estimated that 92 percent of seniors have cavities. Cavities and tooth decay can develop due to a lack of preventive care and will worsen if left untreated. Keeping up with routine dental cleanings and examinations is the best way to make sure tooth decay is addressed early.
  • Oral Cancer:  Individuals over age 65 are seven times more likely to be diagnosed with oral cancers including lip, pharynx and oral cavity tumors. Oral cancers are a more common cause of death for seniors than skin cancers. Like all cancers, early treatment is the best way to improve prognosis and survival rates, unfortunately oral cancers rarely develop obvious symptoms or pain, so many patients do not realize there is a problem. Regular screenings performed during routine cleanings and examinations are critical for early detection.

Other effects of aging can make oral care more difficult for seniors. Arthritis and loss of dexterity can make regular brushing and flossing more difficult. Side effects from drugs can have consequences for oral health. Cognitive impairment can make routines difficult to keep. Fortunately, with supportive care from a skilled dentist, seniors can overcome these difficulties and achieve good oral health that contributes to overall wellbeing.

To find out more about how you can improve your oral health, or help your elder loved ones do the same, please contact The Smile Centre today. With two locations to meet your needs, you can reach us online or by telephone at (941) 351-4468 in Sarasota or (941)497-5451 in Venice.