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1. Are you accepting new patients/guests?

2. I’ve never been to a dentist.  How does it work?

3. How can I afford my cosmetic dentistry treatment?

4. Do you take my insurance?

5. Do you pull teeth?

6. What are “crowns and veneers?”

7. Do you do “bonding?”

8. What are inlays and onlays?

9. What is “Neuromuscular” Dentistry?

10. What is TMJ?

11. What is CFP?

12. What are dental implants?

13. How can orthodontics help with ADD/ADHD?

14. What is periodontal disease?

15. Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?


1. Are you accepting new patients/guests?

Yes!  We love to meet new guests and work with them to create a personalized dental plan that will get their mouth and teeth as healthy as possible as soon as possible and meet their dental goals and needs!



2. I’ve never been to a dentist.  How does it work?

Some of our new guests wish to have a consultation prior to their examination and diagnostic work-up.  In this initial consultation, you would briefly meet the doctor and then meet with one of our extremely knowledgeable treatment coordinators who can answer many questions for you about our comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry practice and the kind of life-changing dentistry that we are able to provide.

Other guests choose to schedule the initial comprehensive examination and diagnostic work-up with the doctor.  This provides the doctor with the necessary data and documentation to begin creating your personalized dental plan for you. 

After this visit is completed, you would return and meet with a treatment coordinator to review your personalized dental plan, receive answers to any questions or concerns you may have, and arrange your future visits according to your goals and needs.  The doctor can be available to answer any clinical questions about your optimal comprehensive and cosmetic dentistry plan that you may have.



3. How can I afford my optimal comprehensive or cosmetic dentistry treatment?

There are many ways that might be right for you to financially achieve your dental treatment goals and needs.  Many of our guests have used our convenient payment options to achieve their healthy smiles while others have found great success arranging outside financing.

This need highlights the importance of meeting with one of our treatment coordinators to discuss your choice of your recommended personalized dental plan options so that finances don’t create a roadblock in achieving your optimal care.



4. Do you take my insurance?

The Smile Centre Team is more than happy to assist you with your insurance filing.  We file insurance claims electronically as much as possible to ensure rapid receipt with a tracking number as well as a much quicker response time for payments.  We can also print the ADA (American Dental Association) standardized claim forms for any insurance company or provide you with any necessary billing receipts that you may need for receiving your reimbursements.

We are currently participating in some Preferred Provider Networks (DPO/PPO), like Delta Dental Premier, Assurant, Aetna, Solstice, and a few others.  We do not participate with any Dental Maintenance Organizations (DMO/HMO).

You are welcome to ask our Guest Services Representatives to help you understand your specific insurance plan’s basic benefits if you have a copy of your plan or if it is possible to access a copy of benefit information online.  However, it must be noted that even your own insurance company will not guarantee payment of benefits on any document or during any conversation with them.   This being the case, our Smile Centre team members will only ever be able to provide an estimate of your insurance benefits as well. 

We do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits; however, we would also like to caution you that insurance companies are businesses created to profit from you not utilizing your benefits and planning out your treatment.  They, historically, have an incredible amount of effort invested in running statistical data that ensures that they will take in far more in premiums than the benefit dollars they pay out. 

Additionally, it is important to note that the average annual maximum benefit provided to an individual back in the 1940’s when dental insurance was just beginning was $1,000 and after all this time, the average annual benefit paid out by insurance companies today is only $1,500.  If this annual maximum benefit had simply kept up with inflation, it would be closer to $10-15,000 of annual benefit per individual, and thus, would be truly helping their customers receive their dental care, but this is not the objective of insurance companies. 

We dearly hope that you do not allow your insurance plan’s limitations to stop you from acquiring needed dentistry that can certainly make a dramatic impact on your overall quality of life. 



5. Do you extract teeth?

We do not recommend removing teeth unless the tooth is absolutely unsalvageable.   At The Smile Centre, we offer and educate our guests on all their options for dental treatment and take great care to recommend the most optimal, highest quality dental treatment as we firmly believe it is our responsibility to help patients become aware of what is available to improve their health and overall well-being so they can make the best decisions for themselves with full understanding.

Many people do not realized that when a tooth is removed, the height of the jaw bone where that tooth root was will decrease to half its original height or even less without the tooth there.  If it is necessary to remove a tooth, bone graft material can be placed to minimize this bone loss and provide better treatment options to replace the lost tooth, such as placing a dental implant or bridge to maintain your chewing capability and prevent further complications, including possible TMJ development and an accelerated aging look to the face due to lack of skeletal structure.



6. What are crowns and veneers?

Crowns and veneers are porcelain restorations made in-house, frequently within one day, with our E4D CAD/CAM 3D technology and porcelain milling machine, or by a dental laboratory over a few weeks.  They are used at The Smile Centre to restore damaged teeth to a healthy, functional and cosmetically-improved state.  They look, feel and have comparable strength to your natural teeth!

Crowns and veneers are used when tooth structure has been lost due to chipping, clenching and grinding, and/or decay to restore the lost or fractured tooth structure.  Veneers cover the entire front surface and biting edge of a tooth wrapping minimally around the sides and going only partially up the tongue side.  At The Smile Centre, veneers are recommended whenever feasible to maintain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible.

If too much tooth structure is lost, crowns are required to cover up and protect whatever remains of the natural tooth.  All-porcelain restorations are the treatment material of choice and quality to attaining both the cosmetic and dental health results desired.

An additional benefit of porcelain crowns and veneers is that because they have no metal substructure that has to be hidden below the gums, more of your natural tooth structure can be kept.  Another great health benefit to this is that because all-porcelain crowns do not have to be fitted below the gum line, the edges (also called “margins”) where the restorations meet and are bonded to the tooth structure can be kept much more clean and free of potential infection and decay.  Lastly, since all-porcelain restorations have no metal in them, metal allergies will not pose a potential challenge and gums will not become potentially irritated.



7. Do you provide dental “bonding?”

Bonding” is a general term in dentistry.  Bonding can refer to the process of temporarily or permanently cementing crowns, veneers and other dental restorations as well as the process of adhering a plastic resin composite filling material.  This question usually arises in regard to cosmetic treatment of the front teeth.

The plastic resin filling material may not be a successful, long-term option for cosmetic dental treatment performed on front teeth (incisors).  Your front teeth have to work like scissors.  A very strong, hard edge is required to perform this cutting and biting action.  Additionally, the restoration must be fitted to have stronger leverage and adherence for staying in place long-term as the cutting, biting, and pounding action of incisors places daily stresses and torque on these teeth. 

While a wonderful alternative for small fillings, the plastic resin filling material simply does not have the strength qualities for all restorations.  Because The Smile Centre is focused on quality cosmetic dentistry treatment and care, we may not recommend this material for attaining your goal of a new beautiful and healthy smile, but instead may recommend porcelain crowns and/or veneers.



8. What are inlays and onlays?

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9.  What is “Neuromuscular” Dentistry?




10.  What is TMJ?



11.  What is CFP?




12.  What are dental implants?




13.  How can orthodontics help with ADD/ADHD?




14.  What is periodontal disease?


15.  Is cosmetic dentistry right for me?

The numbers tell the story: Cosmetic dentistry is right for anyone with a cracked or missing tooth, a crooked smile, bite problems, and even frequent headaches.