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The Smile Centre team poses for a photo op after our recent "Grand Opening" of our new location in Venice, Florida. Ongoing education is an important part of The Smile Centre philosophy and assures that guests always receive the highest quality dental care possible.

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How is the quality of your smile related to maintaining good health?

Now more than ever we know that the muscles are the driving forces of the jaws and may have even greater importance in affecting the long term health of the teeth, jaws and even our overall posture. Here are some symptoms of health challenges that are often caused by or related to poor dental health:

A majority of headaches are caused by jaw and teeth related issues.  People often look to stress as the causative factor.  Stress certainly is a factor which does push us over the edge but only if we already have many other pathologic (changes occurring as a result of disease) pieces of the pain puzzle in place. These chronic head, neck and facial pains can often be resolved within hours by addressing the position of the upper and lower jaws in conjunction with the joint (TMJ), disc cartilage and muscles that hold them together.

Chronic Fatigue, Facial, Neck and Back Pain

On a typical day 80% or more of our guests have elements of disorders associated with bite-related issues. Teeth are like gears and the muscles will go to great efforts to make the gears fit together. The muscles develop patterns of movement to protect the teeth, joints and other structures of the mouth, head and neck. The patterns of movement lead to over-worked muscles. Many of the symptoms of chronic fatigue, stress and sinus problems as well as neck and back problems are actually misdiagnosed bite/muscle issues and can be treated almost immediately to provide relief to people who have had pain for years. 
Beautiful Smiles Lead to Better Health

Developing a healthy bite that is based on measurable physiologic muscle positions is critical to maintaining healthy teeth and smiles for the eight to ten decades of a modern lifetime and it is the foundation and starting point of current comprehensive dental care. It’s not just about teeth any more, it’s about predictable health and quality of life.



It's invisible!

Invisalign® is an exciting alternative to metal braces because they're invisible, removable, and more comfortable than conventional orthodontics. It’s also easier to floss and maintain healthy teeth and gums, since they can be removed while eating, brushing and flossing.

How Invisalign® works:

Invisalign® works by straightening your teeth through a series of steps that includes changing the invisible aligners approximately every two weeks. Gradually, and faster than you'd guess, your teeth are straightened into the ideal position.

Call today to see if Invisalign® orthodontic dentistry is right for you.

Invisalign is available at both Smile Centre locations in Sarasota and Venice.



Our CAT Scan 3-D dental imaging system provides high-definition, three dimensional digital imaging. The resulting CAT scans are ideal for accurate placement during dental implant surgery because they show and can measure the exact height and width of the jaw bone.  They also provide excellent views of the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and are indispensable for identifying and correcting TMJ Disorder(TMD).  CT scans also show narrowed or blocked airways of the nose, sinuses, mouth and throat that typically result in snoring and sleep apnea which research is showing as related to attention deficit disorder (ADD or ADHD) and poor growth in children due to the lack of oxygen and interrupted sleep.  Because of their digital nature, CT’s are wonderful tools for fully evaluating the skull and growth patterns of children and teens necessary for orthodontic care and have also been extremely valuable in diagnosing health issues that would not have been discovered without the CT, thus ensuring better and faster care.




The advantages of our new open-air CAT scans for our Smile Centre guests are:

  • They’re faster (Most scans are under 40 seconds)
  • They’re more comfortable (As easy as standing or sitting in a chair)
  • They’re more accurate (high definitions provide greater detail) and even more importantly, in three dimensions.

New and advanced technology like our CT scans is just another assurance that The Smile Centre is the best choice for your dental health.

Link to list of Sign &Symptoms / Reasons for a CAT Scan

Reasons for a CAT Scan

Fractured / Broken Porcelain Restoration(s)

Fractured / Broken Teeth

Anterior Wear

Posterior Wear

Implants (Have/Need)

Bone Loss / Grafts (Have / Need)

Sinus Lift – Abscess

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

TMJ (Sounds, Pain, past Clicking)

Range of Motion TMJ (Closed Lock)

Previous Jaw, Head Injury (Car Accident/Whiplash)

Needs Ortho

Previous Ortho

Sinus Drainage / Sinus Infection / History of

Post-nasal Drip / Drainage (Coated Tongue)

Ringing in the Ears (Tinnitus)

Stuffy Ears

Mentalis Crease

Marionette Lines

Rolled or Compressed Lips

Chin Prominence Issues



Difficulty Swallowing Pills

Nighttime Vomiting / Bedwetting

Difficulty Breathing Through Nose

Deviated Septum

Headaches / Migraines

Wisdom Teeth

Root Canal Therapy (Have / Need)

Unknown Polyps / Cysts / Fistulas / Tumors