Our Technology

Dentists Serving Patients in Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton & Nearby Areas of Florida

Providing the very best dental care for our patients means treating our patients with the compassion and respect they deserve. It also means tapping into the proven advantages of cutting-edge technology that can make dental treatment faster, more effective, more precise, and even more comfortable.

In fact, the philosophy of Venice and Sarasota, Florida’s cosmetic dentist Dr. Richard Stanley and The Smile Centre’s entire team is to ensure that our offices and team remain up-to-date on modern technological advances. This is whether we are providing general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry or orthodontic care.

Currently, our offices offer:

Kodak 9500 CT Scan - Advanced, in-office, high-definition 3-D imaging to assist in dental diagnosis and treatment. Because of their 3-D nature, showing and measuring widths, heights and lengths of the head, neck and jaw bones, open-air dental CAT scans are quickly becoming the standard of care when treatment planning and surgically placing dental implants as well as in diagnosing Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) degeneration and airway issues that can be related to snoring and sleep apnea. They are used to diagnose many dental and medical challenges that cannot be seen with standard dental X-rays.

iCAT Cone Beam CT Scan – Advanced, in-office, high-definition 3-D imaging to assist in dental diagnosis and treatment. A typical iCAT scan takes less than 10 seconds and reduces patient exposure to radiation compared to other imaging options.

Dexis 8.0 and Kodak 6500 Digital X-rays – These high-quality digital X-ray systems produce images quickly for in-office consultation. These quick and effective X-rays can also reduce patient exposure to radiation by nearly 90 percent compared to traditional X-rays on film.

Myotronics® K7 Machine (3 units) – A highly sophisticated, computerized jaw tracking device that uses electromyography and joint sonography to measure imperfections in the jaw joint. This device is used to provide outstanding treatment of TMJ and orthodontic care, as our team can better analyze a patient’s bite and evaluate the precise repositioning of teeth.

J-4 TENS Units – An ultra-low frequency electrical stimulation device used to relax jaw and facial muscles for successful treatment and diagnosis of TMJ, and for muscle relaxation prior to restorative procedures and orthodontic treatment.

High-Magnification Surgical Microscopes – Top-quality, 20x-zoom surgical microscopes allow for more accurate diagnoses and help speed up treatment.

High-Magnification Surgical Loupes – Quickly becoming the new standard in dental care, surgical-quality loupes are lighted magnifying lenses mounted on a frame. Our dentists may wear these loupes on their head, much like an eye doctor might, to view your teeth and soft tissue with magnification to increase precision.

Diode Laser – A revolutionary technology that allows us to treat patients’ dental problems, from soft-tissue surgery to professional teeth whitening, with the utmost in precision and safety, less patient discomfort and faster healing.

Electro-Surge Units – High-precision, low-voltage equipment that automatically regulates the amount of electrical power necessary to treat soft tissues in the mouth. These units help to ensure patient comfort and reduce the risk of unnecessary tissue damage.

Electric and Fiber-Optic Handpieces – The most technologically advanced dental hand tools (drills) available today, and a quieter alternative to the conventional forced-air handpieces. We use these newer hand-pieces in general and restorative dental procedures for increased precision and speed of treatment, better illumination during the procedure, and improved comfort levels for our patients.

Ultrasonic Endodontic Hand-pieces – These state-of-the-art dental tools use a quartz piezoelectric vibrator system for root canals and other endodontic work. Using ultrasonic oscillation waves, these allow for quicker, cleaner, and less painful endodontic procedures.

Kodak 1500 Wireless and Dexcam Intraoral Camera – These high-quality digital imaging systems are small enough to be placed inside your mouth. The camera produces instant, magnified images of your teeth and gums for better diagnoses. Plus, our dentists can show you the images immediately on a computer screen during your consultation.

IRIS® Intraoral Camera – A precise, high-resolution optical camera with brilliant 8-point LED lighting and an “auto iris” that eliminates glare, so your diagnosis is more accurate.

Medibyte® Sleep Study Machine – Durable and comfortable snoring and sleep apnea home testing device. Tracking factors like sound, EKG, EMG and airflow, this equipment puts the quality a sleep laboratory in the palm of your hand.

BriteSmile™ – A patented combination of gel and a blue light that is considered one of the safest and most effective professional teeth whitening systems available today. BriteSmile can typically whiten stained teeth in just one office visit. No heat and no UV rays are necessary.

PracticeWorks® Voice-Activated Periodontal Charting – This highly advanced voice-recognition software listens to your dentist’s evaluation of your gum health and digitally records the information automatically, saving time for you and your dentist.

Cavitrons, CaviJets, and PROPHY-JET – Top-quality dental tools that use high frequency sound waves to deep-clean teeth and gums, and easily remove that tough tartar above and below the gumline, all with little patient discomfort. The PROPHY-JET system uses highly focused air, water, and a special powder to clean and polish the surface of your teeth before dental bonding procedures.

Computers – Our office locations are state-of-the-art and have computers in all treatment rooms, as well as the business offices. This ensures a seamless, paper-free treatment protocol, where the majority of your records are kept electronically (and backed up to prevent loss of information).

Micro-Etcher – A highly effective dental tool that dramatically enhances bonding strength up to 400 percent by optimizing tooth and attachment surfaces before adhesion.

Invisalign® ClinCheck – Software that takes Invisalign® orthodontic care to the next level by presenting animated models of your mouth directly on the computer screen in our office. The 3-D models provide an unprecedented number of rotations and views so you and Dr. Stanley’s team can see how your teeth will move every two weeks.

Digital Photography – Unlike photographs used in dentistry in the past that could days or weeks to be developed, digital photos are available in seconds and can be displayed on computer screens within minutes. Digital photos help to retain visual information that X-rays do not show and aid the doctor in diagnosis and treatment planning dental challenges that can be undetected during the physical examination.

DentalWriter® Software – An advanced tool that allows us to have all of your dental information, including prior diagnosis and treatments, collected in just one electronic file.

LexiComp Drug® Interaction Software – An important electronic reference resource for your dentists that provides us with drug interaction, disease and related clinical information at our fingertips. This tool helps us to prescribe the right medication for your specific circumstances.

Implant Systems (Ankylos®, SteriOss®, Nobel Biocare®, Imtec® Mini Implants, BioHorizons®) – We offer a wide variety of the most advanced and successful dental implant systems available today. Dental implants are often a viable option for patients with missing teeth that look, feel, and work just like natural teeth.

Bone Graft Materials (Block, particulate and membranes) – In instances when a potential dental implant site does not have enough bone in the jaw to hold the implant, a patient may need a bone graft to strengthen the site. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of choices on graft materials to meet any patient need or situation.

Gum Graft Materials (Gingival or soft tissues and membranes?)

PiezotomeA next-generation, ultrasonic dental tool that can provide precise surgical incisions to hard tissue without any risk of cutting soft tissue. This device can speed healing and help ensure less patient discomfort after dental surgeries, especially pre-implant surgery.

If you’d like the reassurance that comes from dental practice that believes in providing patients with the most advanced technology available, we’re accepting new patients. Please contact The Smile Centre, the Sarasota and Venice, Florida area’s first choice for high-tech dental care.