Family Dentistry

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Sarasota Family DentistFamily dentistry caters to the dental needs and goals of your entire family: from youngest to eldest. The experienced dentists at The Smile Centre provide dental care for every stage of life, so your loved ones can enjoy optimal oral health and a great smile throughout the years. To schedule an appointment with our family dentists in Sarasota, FL, please call The Smile Centre at (941) 351-4468.

Family Dentistry Services at The Smile Centre

We provide a full range of dentistry services to meet the needs of your family, such as:

A good family dentist will guide children and adults through the dental challenges they face, from cavities to crooked or missing teeth. We believe great dental habits begin at a very young age, and we can help you encourage your child to care for their teeth and gums.

Sarasota family dentistryRoutine dentistry is essential to children and adults alike. Because of their busy schedules, parents sometimes neglect their routine dental visits. We encourage you to schedule an appointment today! The quality of your oral health and your confidence in your smile are important to us. It's also important to make sure children get the dental care they need. Children should start seeing the dentist around 4 years old, unless you are concerned about a problem before then. You should start cleaning your child's teeth as soon as the first tooth appears. Even though children will lose their baby teeth, it's essential to keep these teeth and their gums healthy. Doing so prevents oral health problems in the future. The family dentists at The Smile Centre can help you determine the appropriate toothpaste, toothbrush and teeth-cleaning routine for your child's age.

Benefits of Family Dentistry

Sarasota family dentistry photoYour child's dental health and smile can have either a positive or negative effect on their physical and emotional well-being. We believe in providing children with a positive start. Here are some of the benefits of making sure your family receives great dental care:

  • Prevention of dental problems
  • Promotion of effective at-home oral hygiene
  • Proper tooth development
  • Avoidance of serious dental problems
  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem

As your family dentistry providers, we provide individualized, effective care. Each person is unique, and we develop a customized approach to your dental care so that your results will be tailored to your goals and your dental health.

If you are searching for an experienced, caring and compassionate Sarasota family dentist, please call The Smile Centre at (941) 351-4468 to learn more about us. We are personally committed to your family's best dental health!