Laser Dentistry

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Laser dentistry is an advanced technology that has introduced countless benefits to the field of dentistry over recent years. Dental lasers can be used in cosmetic dentistry, as well as general dentistry, allowing for precision and a high degree of control and safety. Laser dentistry also offers a high level of comfort, fast healing, and reduced tissue disruption.

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Common Uses of Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry can be used for a number of reasons. Some of the most common uses of dental lasers are for:

  • General dentistry treatments - Laser dentistry is ideal for the treatment of gum disease and is a highly effective way to disrupt the bacterial biofilm in your mouth so that your immune system can effectively attack the harmful bacteria from the diseased gums. Dental lasers can be used to remove lesions and to biopsy tissue for oral cancer prevention.
  • Cosmetic dentistry purposes - Dental lasers are often used during whitening treatments to speed up the process. Laser dentistry for gum reshaping is also becoming more widespread.
  • Cold sore treatment - Cold sores are caused by a strain of the Herpes virus which can lie dormant in the nerves around your mouth and lips. Stress and prolonged exposure to sunlight are common triggers for a painful and unappealing outbreak. With laser treatment, the virus is discouraged from erupting at the same location in the future.

Though the uses of dental lasers are expanding, dental laser therapy is not always suitable for all patients and procedures. Our Smile Centre laser dentists will discuss the best treatment options with you during your personal consultation.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The benefits of laser dentistry are wide ranging and have improved the efficiency, comfort and safety of all types of procedures. Some of the main benefits of using dental lasers include:

  • More control and precision for our dentists while performing procedures
  • Increased patient comfort that can reduce the need for dental sedation
  • Naturally induced faster healing with less swelling and bleeding
  • An increased ability to preserve more natural tooth during procedures

To find out how you can benefit from laser dentistry, call The Smile Centre in Sarasota at (941) 351-4468 to schedule a consultation with our experienced laser dentists.