Dentists Serving Patients in Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton & Nearby Areas of Florida

We welcome queries from dentists, dental hygienists, dental assistants and dental business administrative assistants who would like to work in a unique environment with an emphasis on continuing education opportunities, professionalism and treating patients as guests… like family or good friends you really care about rather than “numbers.”

If you're interested in joining our Smile Centre team of dental professionals, please contact Bob McCutcheon, Director or Business Development, at 941-351-4468 or send an email with your qualifications to

We frequently also have local High School students interested in Healthcare careers, Medical and Dental Interns, Dental Assistant Interns, and Touring Visitors join us in our offices as we firmly believe in sharing our knowledge and opening the minds and world of others to new opportunities.

An open letter to qualified dental professionals from The Smile Centre: Why we're Different (PDF requires Acrobat Reader)


From The Smile Centre Management Team to Prospective Dental Professionals:

If you have an outstanding mission and vision for your life, The Smile Centre may be the right team for you.  Believing strongly in educating our patients as much as possible about their dental health as well as about any and all treatment options available to them, we provide optimal orthodontic, cosmetic, implant, TMJ and sedation dentistry options to each and every one of our guests in addition to their comprehensive general dentistry needs. We believe this is essential to helping our patients make informed and educated decisions about their dental care and health.  We rise to the challenge of giving each of our guests a more relaxed, comfortable, and pleasant dental experience than they’ve ever had.

We strive for the ideal and the best quality and have teams in each of our locations that are motivated and regularly trained to accomplish high-end high-tech dentistry. To this end, we push to stay on the cutting edge of the newest techniques and research as is exemplified by our uniqueness of having in-house CT scans and E4D CAD/CAM technology that allows us to make beautiful strong all-porcelain crowns-in-a-day. This equipment, combined with our other neuromuscular and craniofacial pain computerized technology, heightens our abilities and success rates in helping our guests having head, neck and TMJ pain to become pain-free and beautifully restored.

Such a feat improves so many facets of our guests’ life. They are thrilled to finally have an “answer” to their discomfort that culminates in such a stunning aesthetic result!  Many times the cosmetic dentistry achieved through full-mouth restoration is just an afterthought to our guests – a wonderful added bonus to the lasting pain relief provided! 

In addition, we also provide regular team trainings to support and promote life and work skills essential to balancing life. We are fervent advocates for happy and strong family and personal lives for our team members, recognizing that these are what provide true feelings of accomplishment and peace.

Additionally, we are blessed to live in a beautiful area of sunny Florida. The west coast of Florida has so much to offer in outdoor adventures as well as intellectual and artistic opportunities.  It lays claim to some of the best beaches in the world and has a non-stop array of theatre, art, circus, and community events.  In essence, the area is thriving!  As an added plus, Sarasota County is listed as the top Florida school district and consistently ranks highly nationally as well.

Dr. Stanley, our owner and visionary has accrued thousands of hours of continuing education credits over his 25 years of practice, having recently completed over 200 of those hours in the last two year period.  The majority of his recent CE hours have been achieved through the Misch Implant Institute, the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI).  You may recognize the “LVI” name from the TV show “Extreme Makeover.”

Dr. Stanley has performed a multitude of full-mouth all-porcelain restorations and enjoys the trust and relationships that are built through providing this valuable health service.  Additionally, he routinely surgically places dental implants, bone and soft tissue grafts, and performs microscopic root canal therapy and sinus augmentations as well.

Dr. Stanley’s passion is dentistry, and perhaps more importantly, sharing with our loyal associates the advanced learning and exceptional skills that he has acquired.  Our goal for The Smile Centre is to guide all our associate dentists in performing quality dentistry that is valued by our patients.  Our associate dentists are listed in-network with 3 to 4 preferred provider organizations, and we accept no HMO or Medicare insurances.

We choose to have each office and team small enough to promote a cozy, caring, personalized atmosphere for both our guests and our teams.  If you are motivated and interested in learning and being a part of a fantastically dynamic dental group, then we can certainly provide an excellent opportunity for mentorship.  Associate agreements are always congenially and respectfully discussed with a spirit of openness, yet a high degree of confidentiality.

Please call Tricia Stanley at (941) 468-6902 or Dr. Stanley’s at (941) 780-2393, or email at any time with any questions.